Legman Communication Training

If it's not so much what you say as             how you say it...

For 31 years, Vicki Legman has been helping organizations, teams and individuals figure out how to "say it right."


You can tell by watching Vicki that she loves her work. Her style is highly interactive, lively and entertaining. Through fast-paced, fun, activity-driven workshops, Vicki helps business people communicate in ways that build relationships, strengthen teams, reduce conflict, diminish stress and increase effectiveness.


She is an accomplished instructor, course designer, consultant and speaker. Whether working with whole organizations, teams or individuals, Vicki uncovers what they want, what they need and figures out a way to help them achieve their goals.


Her focus is always on leaving participants not just knowing more about a topic, but with the ability to communicate, problem solve and work with others differently… and more effectively! 





Contact: Vicki@LegmanCommunication.com





...how DO you say it?