Legman Communication Training

Uncommon Sense -

10 Keys to Effective Communication

Why do they call them "soft skills” when they’re so darned hard?  Why does it take more than good intentions for                          people to come together?  We won’t be able to                        “take it back” or “do it over” until someone invents an Instant Rewind Button to Life. Until then, “Uncommon Sense” may be your team’s answer. 



  • Identify which of the 10 Keys to Effective Communication can most improve your communication

  • Plan and check messages to increase their positive impact

  • Practice three tools for "saying it right”

      •   Using positive language

      •   Using perception checking

      •   Identifying multiple ways to build goodwill

  • Create a more positive work climate

  • Identify next steps to implement course concepts



      Contact: Vicki@LegmanCommunication.com