Legman Communication Training

Unlock Your Communication Superpowers

May 13, 2016

9:00 am- 4:30 pm 

Registration - 8:30 - 9:00 am

Location: The Versatile Co.

12304 32nd Avenue NE, Seattle, WA (off Lake City Way)

Lunch is included

$325.00 (about 41 bucks an hr!)



Collaboration Matters!

We all know that the perfect project, product or system won’t succeed unless it is accepted and implemented by the people. Achieving that can make the technical stuff seem easy. How do you connect with others so that the work is understood and implemented effectively?



Secrets of Collaboration –

Unlock Your Communication Superpowers




Why you connect with some and clash with others

Focus: Know thyself

  1. Take the Style assessment

  2. Clarify your Communication Style strengths (Superpowers) and discover your gaps and excesses (Kryptonite)

  3. Gain insight into the impact your communication has on others


What makes others tick?

Focus: Do’s and Don’ts 

  1. Identify the unique characteristics of each Communication Style

    • What they need

    • What frustrates them

    • What helps them work effectively

  2. Practice creating communication bridges to others


Flexing Towards Others

Focus: It’s not about you!

  1. Learn to identify Styles

  2. Practice adapting (flexing) to the unique needs of others

  3. Recognize and plan for when flexing will take extra energy

  4. Identify options, even when they won’t meet you halfway


Building Stronger Teams

Focus: Maximize the Communication Style diversity of your team

  1. Identify and maximize team strengths   

  2. Minimize gaps and avoid excesses

  3. Reduce unnecessary conflict


Writing More Effective Emails

Focus: It’s still not about you

  1. Identify Style clues in emails

  2. Practice writing Style appropriate responses


Create an Action Plan: Use it or lose it!




For over 15 years, this unique program has engaged, entertained and educated. It leaves participants with the concrete skills they need to build communication bridges to others.


No Stereotyping

Secrets of Collaboration takes the approach that we all utilize each of the four main Styles: Director, Promoter, Collaborator and Analyzer (sometimes alone, sometimes in combination). But… one or two of these Styles come to us easily and naturally, they GIVE us energy and we use them often; one or two take energy.



Secrets of Collaboration has powerful bottom line implications for:

  • Individual Effectiveness

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Change Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Employee Retention


Who should take this class?

Anyone who wants to improve the way they connect with others. Taken a course that included styles content before? Great (but not required). That knowledge lays a foundation; this workshop leaves you with concrete skills for changing the way you communicate and how you react to others. Even when you're stressed. Even when they are. Even if they won’t meet you halfway.


Contact: Vicki@LegmanCommunication.com

for Secrets of Collaboration Workshop

May 13, 2016

for Secrets of Collaboration Workshop

May 13, 2016